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Mini Bowls are perfect for stand up and casual events. Mini bowls (4-5" diameter) are small plate portions that can be passed by servers, or from a station. The portion is more like a food station than a conventional hors d'oeuvre, but garnished by culinary staff for a more elegant presentation than a self-serve station. Subject to the items, time of day and your guests 3-5 bowls would be considered a meal replacement. 

Some sample bowls:

  • Top Left: Falafel, Hummus, Pita, Harissa, Cucumber and Tomato (Vegan)
  • Top Right: Korean Fried Chicken, Sticky Rice, Cucumber Kim Chi (Dairy free and Gluten Free)
  • Bottom Left: Laksa Noodles, Tofu Puff, Quail Egg and King Prawn (Dairy free)
  • Bottom Right: Turkey Meatball, Marinara Sauce, Parmasan Cheese, Fresh Basil, Grilled Garlic Crostini