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Service Styles

Service Styles

As service needs vary from event to event, based on the venue, the complexity of the menu and the itinerary of the event, service costs are estimated separately from menu cost. Servers are billed by the hour and must be booked for a minimum of three hours. Travel time, mileage, stat holiday, overtime and late night fees apply. 

Buffet Service: Guests serve themselves from a central buffet table. Buffets require 1 server for every 40-45 guests, in addition to any cooking staff required. Buffets can be offered in practically all venues. 

Plated Service: Plated service is similar to what you might expect in a restaurant, with servers bringing food to your table. Plated dinner meal selections are pre-ordered. Plated menus require one server for every 15-20 guests, in addition to cooking staff. Plated menus require venues with kitchen facilities and ample space.

Family style service merges buffet and plated to create a social, while sophisticated service,. Guests remain seated and large ‘family’ style platters are delivered to the table and shared among guests—usually about 8 guests per platter.  Depending on the complexity of your event you can expect to require one server for approximately 20-30 guests, in addition to cooking staff. Family service is not available in all venues and maximum guest numbers apply.

Stand Up Event: Food stations, hors doeuvre receptions require a variable amount of staffing based on complexity of items, equipment needs, service requirements etc...